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We are the fearless lawyers who believe that the role of law is  indispensable in business, society, and daily life scopes which are prioritized significantly. Law is not only a complementary factor in a company for doing business but it’s also a critical one which is set fully in governing and managing enterprises to achieve a commercial advantage.



commits to deliver values by  adding distinct, timely and strategic counsels to our client’s needs.


Vision & Mission

TS’ vision is to bring various aspects comprehensively in managing with private cases in favor of  client’s assurance.  While, in corporate matters, we align with framework of applicable laws and  motto of business-as-usual along with   its counsel so that the management of company  works well despite of  legal disputes existence.

TS’ mission is to implement advocate profession as officium nobile into practice along with our services, professionalism, ethic and responsibility which count towards value and benefit to clients in making a difference.

We deliver legal services with passion and dedication that hold credibility both in local and international capacities such as government and enterprises.